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What is Earth Centered Spirituality?


When you are out in Nature, do you feel the experience changes you?

Does the world slow down? Are your senses enhanced? Do you feel more alive? When you return to your normal life do you feel more grounded and centered? 


That common experience may mean you are simply connecting with the Earth. For many people, the Earth is alive – so the connection has spiritual dimensions.


Earth Centered Spirituality is an age-old practice that has been lost over time. The purpose of this site is to bring this practice forward to our present lives and help us realize we are as much a part of the Earth’s life and its spiritual journey as it is a part of ours. 


 The information here is based upon the teachings of the Earth Oracle. The Earth Oracle is a woman with the ability to channel the spirit of places, trees, ancient elders, and nature essences.


At this site you will find excerpts from the Earth Oracle’s soon to be published book Teachings from the Earth Oracle and lectures by the Earth Oracle.

How to use this site:

The Insights page is filled with teachings for self-realization from lectures and locations from around the world. 

The Meditations page has select guided meditations and prayers.

The Teachings from the Earth Oracle page has selected excerpts from The Earth Oracle's new book.


photo by Ken Brown

photo by Ken Brown

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