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Reviews of Teachings from the Earth Oracle

This book speaks to me, touches me deeply and offers information I have never heard elsewhere. These are such crazy times, and there is a voice here cutting through the darkness that speaks of our responsibility to the planet. It makes sense to me that we are supposed guardians of the planet. (JB ,shorewood, MN).

As a long-time student of Donna Sarah Taylor's, I was excited to begin reading Teachings from the Earth Oracle. Now that I have read several chapters of the book, I can say that it is truly a wonderful compilation of the work and the teachings from the past several years. The challenging part for me has been to patiently savor each word and line, since that's the only way I can begin to integrate the invaluable information. It is a book I will refer back to as long as I live.

In addition to Donna herself and to the beings she channels, I want to express my appreciation for the amazing way in which the contributing editors Michael Smith, Larry Wade, and Carol Hooker brought these teachings to life. They must have spent hours and hours pouring over lectures, listening to tapes, reviewing photographs and collaborating with one another to make this such a succinct, powerful, relevant and readable book. Congratulations!!

In gratitude, Gretchen A.

I use Teachings from the Earth Oracle as a book of wisdom. I refer to it when I am in need of an answer or looking to solve a problem. I first have to clarify what it is that I am seeking. I feel the energy of that question in my body. Then I go to the book, close my eyes and open the book up to whatever page that energy might lead me to. I read the passages on those pages to see how that piece of wisdom applies to my life. JK, Plymouth MN

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