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Soul Work

Chapter 2: Soul Work

Understand that life is not just physical or etheric,

but the blending of the two. - The Teacher

Soul work is the conscious and creative act of blending your etheric soul with your body. It requires combining the physical energy of your body with the etheric energy of your soul in a balanced way. This means your body and your soul are peers, and they are equally powerful and have the same amount of influence over your consciousness.

This blending of soul and body involves working with every part of the self. It requires a willingness to actively seek and accept both the healthiest and the darkest parts of yourself. Care and compassion for the self and for others is needed every step of the way. Like other partnerships in your life, the soul-body connection is one that needs a great deal of heart. You will find that your body grows in consciousness to the extent your heart is open.

The Etheric Soul

Your soul needs your body to learn how to create and connect to the physical world in order to grow as a soul. Spirituality is not just etheric—it is also physical.

Your individual soul is a non-physical etheric “self” that connects to your body for the purpose of continuously evolving through that connection. Your etheric soul surrounds and coexists with your physical body and adds another dimension to your being. Your soul, like your body, constantly seeks connection—physically, emotionally, creatively. The soul’s goal is to experience all the dimensions of physicality.

The soul wants to touch all the different life-forms, or as many as possible, and feel all the different vibrations. It wants to know a caterpillar, a mouse, or a horse. It wants to know all the dynamics of life itself. It can’t do that if it’s not in a physical form.

The prayer of the soul is that of creation; the prayer of the body is that of development. Let not the soul possess the body, and let not the body possess the soul. They are peers. They are not equal. They are separate and different. Keep them unique.

Questions for Inner Reflection

  1. What is your soul and body's relationship? Are they peers or does one dominate the other?

  2. Have you had an experience where felt that your soul and body were blended?

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