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Truth With Honesty - Chapter 7

The Teacher:

Being a conscious person is never easy. It requires a great deal of self to be conscious. It requires always attending to it.

You have to love your truth more than you love your pain, your anger, your victim, or what you think is right or wrong. If you can’t get out of right or wrong

and out of your own way, you will never know the truth with honesty.

When someone said “The truth will set you free,” all that meant was that you would have lots of choices if you are willing to walk that path and make mistakes—if fear, judgment, anger, or revenge don’t get in your way.

If the truth sets you free, it’s because there is not just one answer. The truth has many places to explore. If they are all connected, you have tremendous ability to have depth and wisdom to make new changes.

Don’t ever be afraid of the truth—it is the only place you will be free. Free to change. Free to find yourself. Free to find your strength. The truth can free you. But you have to be the one who reaches for it, seeks it, and lets it in. Breathes it, speaks it, lives it, and changes with it.

In order to have honesty and truth together, you have to have an enormous wish to know what is real, along with a lot of strength, caring, and courage. You will need those because sometimes you have to walk through a big thorn forest.

If you want the truth with honesty, you are walking down a hard road. It will be difficult and scary. You will have things you don’t want to see and things that are wonderfully beautiful. The hardest thing will be where you are wonderful.

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