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Teachings from the Earth Oracle is a manual on Earth-centered spirituality that is valuable for anyone seeking self-realization who has the courage to explore the questions "Who am I?" and "What is my purpose?"

 The Earth Oracle is a woman with the ability to give voice to the spirit of places, trees, ancient elders, warriors, planetary beings and nature essences.

Connecting our souls with the soul of the planet is an age-old practice that has been lost over time. Teachings from the Earth Oracle brings this practice forward to our present lives and helps us realize we are as much a part of the Earth's life and its spiritual journey as it is a part of ours.

To learn  more about Teachings from the Earth Oracle, the Table of Contents are posted below and excerpts from Chapters 1  to 7. To open each post click on the title of the post. 

The Teacher.

 In the excerpts posted below, the Earth Oracle channels The Teacher, who is central to her treasury of beings. The Teacher’s primary work is to help humans develop conscious bodies in which the etheric soul and physical body come together as peers, without dominating or possessing each other. 

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