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Insightful perceptions for self-realization from lectures

and travels about the world with the Earth Oracle.


One of the oldest living organisms on the planet is the bristlecone pine. Growing in harsh conditions at high altitudes, these trees can live up to 5,000 years.


In the Life Flow


“We like adversity. You do not. We expect adversity. You try to avoid it. But if you’re going to be alive in the life flow, there’s joy and adversity. There’s both. You can’t be in the life flow and have it without the adversity – the hard conditions. 


Look at the soil in which we live. And yet we are growing, aren’t we? We are producing, with very little. We don’t need a lot. And we don’t want very much. You may want more, and that’s okay, but if you want more, then you need to be happy with what you have, because having more and more and more just covers up where you’re not happy. It doesn’t satisfy you, does it?


We don’t take anything, we use everything. There’s not a piece of our body that is not sacred to us, and not necessary. Even the parts that look dead, are not dead. So, there’s life with death in them. It’s as if they’re covered over with death, but life is inside.”


                                                                                                                                                                    © Donna Sarah Taylor


Staffa-Is-Fingals-Cave a 61k_KB.jpg

Fingal’s Cave, Staffa, Scotland, 2003



              Wisdom and its Fragility



When you are young, you believe you know so much.  When you become older, your wisdom tells you— you know hardly anything.  It is the wise that often believe they know very little, that keep seeking and seeking and seeking and therefore they learn, but they also learn that they must continue learning.  Because if they do not, their minds die, their hearts die, and they die before their body dies.

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Antarctica, 2016. 

Bringing the Unknown to Your Known



The unknown is a good place.  It moves the known and helps it to explore.  It can be uncomfortable, but it forces you to look beyond the known. If you hide in a shell, or in a room, or in a closet to keep everything known, then you are locked up.  You are locked up and confined in your own prison.

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photo by Ken W Brown

Iceland Highlands.jpg

Iceland - 1999




Everything has to change to grow and to stay alive.  If you don’t move with your evolutionary changes, then you won’t stay alive. 


It takes maturity to allow life to evolve.  Immaturity does not allow life to evolve.  You cannot do an evolutionary process in an immature level.  What I mean by immaturity is your jealousy, your hatred, your ‘getting even.’ 

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Torres del Paine 4.jpg

Torres del Paine, Chile  2016



When You’re with Somebody



​"My husband and I grow together.  As long as we grow together, we stay together.  No decisions are made until we come together and we agree together. 

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Kangaroo Rocks 1.jpg

Kirkpatrick Point, Kangaroo Island, Australia. The following lecture took place in another part of the island that had been stripped of aliveness.


     Past, Present and Future Now



"When you lose the sacredness of self, it becomes more than just a dry, burnt area like this place— it loses the ability to grow. And it begins to try to recapture what was. 

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     Callanish Stone Circle, Isle of Lewis, Scotland 1999



The Purpose of Wind


"Before there was anything, there was wind.  Before fire, before water, before anything solid or physical, there was wind. 

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The following passage comes from a channeled lecture at King Edward River, Australia.

The Fountain of Youth



"If you ever want to know the fountain of youth— kindness is that fountain of youth.  It won’t keep your body young, but it will keep your soul young and the spirit inside your body very young. 

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The following passage comes from a channeled lecture at Cape Kimberley, Australia  in 2009


​Being More Than Human




​"The opening of one’s mind and body so that the soul can come in, is when you can begin to understand and learn from other life forms, so that you may function with them.

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Paintings of The Storr by Joan Ungar

Creating with the Elements



“When you see these great rock formations, this is done with wind, water and Earth in agreement.  We shape together.  It is not just the wind that does this kind of shaping.  We are all three in agreement. 

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Porcupine Mountains, Michigan - October, 2017

The Root of Self



​"Humans believe that with roots you have to stay stationary. But you can have roots that are not stationary that are yours no matter where you go. 

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Fitz Roy.jpg

 The El Chalten region of Patagonia.  2013 


​​               Breathing with Nature

NATURE BEING:                                                                 

"Most humans make life about humans. That is a failing. They forget how to create with other life forms. They look at a mountain and say, “It is a mountain. I am going to conquer it.” If you have to conquer what is touching you, what is it you learn? You have learned that you must be superior. You learn not to learn. 

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Fox Glacier on New Zealand’s South Island.


Creating in Formlessness



"Knowledge is wonderful but it takes away miracles.

​Unless the knowledge is accompanied by the desire to learn more and go beyond what is known to more truth, different truth than the truth that you know, you can only create what you know and that will limit you, terribly.

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Bindoola Bush Camp – Home Valley Station, Australia  2008

      Being perfect where you're at



"The state of wholeness. The state of being complete. You don’t have to be perfect to feel this way. You just have to be who you are in your most imperfection and your perfection. Don’t forget, in that equation your best imperfection is part of your wholeness. 

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The following passage is from a channeled lecture that took place along the south coast of Ireland, 2005.


Ever Learning



"You cannot ever retire from life. To the moment you die, try to stay interested. Try to stay alive.


The moment you stop learning, no matter who you are, you become less.

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Be the Life Bearers


The following excerpt was channeled by the Earth Oracle in the redwoods of northern California in 1994.



​"Millions and millions and millions of years ago the trees came onto this planet as great oceans were receding. There were plants here already, but such a lack of oxygen.  And the trees were able to take root and grow because the lands where the water receded were so fertile and so moist and so rich.  And the trees in their newness received the nutrients and gave it off, and so never took but kept receiving."

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​The following passage was spoken by the spirit of the crop circle, ​Avebury, England, 1998

              Walking in your Fear


​"If you walk in fear, you will find courage at last, or at least.  You will find in your path, beauty that was not there while you were standing still. 

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photo by Ken W Brown

photo by Ken W Brown

photo by Karen Anderson

photo by Karen Anderson

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