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                    Guided exercises and prayers for self realization.


Morning and Evening Prayer


The following prayers were spoken by one of the standing stones at the Ring of Brodgar in Orkney. 

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Lehman Cave.jpg

                  Spirit of a Cave


When you were your ancestors you used to go into caves.  And in the cave you would see the universe.  It would be on the walls. This is why the Mayans could do the calendars so well, because of the caves that were with them.”

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A visualization exercise delivered by a Huon Pine tree in Tasmania.


The Beginning of Being


"Each tree of my species has memory from the beginning. It is as if I were here when it was all one continent.  And when each was cut, we were cut. You don’t have your memory of the beginning of being. 

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​​​​A passage channeled by the Earth Oracle at Castle Rock, in Porongurup National Park in 2007.



Old Truths and New Truths



​"Your world is full of old truths.  They are no longer true.  So you have to give up an old truth and begin to look for a new truth.  

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      Do You Know How to Pray?

Simon Bar Kokhba led the Jewish army in revolt against the Roman Empire in Judea between 132-135 CE.  His formidable presence came in while trekking the dry Judean canyons of Israel in 1993.


'Do you know how to pray?   ​Find the place

in the body that is of a centering point, or a calm point, or a quiet point.  From that point extend it to your entire body. 

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The following channeled instruction was delivered in the Grand Canyon, 2006


Without Water



"Without water there is no life.

Without water there can be no beauty.

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Sweet Grass Montana.jpg

Your Light from Deep Inside

​​In December 2004, while visiting Angkor Wat, Cambodia, a Being delivered the following prayer.

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What is a Vision?

A vision exercise was delivered in the Sweet Grass Hills area of Montana in 1995 by a medicine person the Earth Oracle channeled.



​"What is a vision?  ​A vision is something from deep within.

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