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Chapter 4 On Connection

This week’s excerpt of Teachings From the Earth Oracle is from Chapter 4. On Connection. We have chosen the text from an Earth Being that The Earth Oracle channeled. Then a poem of another Earth Being from the island of Tasmania, Australia.. “Connection is not easy. It is a living energy that is alive. Which means it is always changing. It is not a straight line. It is always in motion. In any relationship it requires growth.” —The Teacher

Earth Being: I am used to most humans not knowing how to be alive or to connect with living things. Most people talk to God—whoever that can be—or look in the sky or to the side, but don’t look to the Earth. What is underneath your feet is what is keeping you alive. This planet is a master of how to connect, of how to be alive in a very balanced way. It is an amazing teacher for that. If you are connected to the Earth, there is so much soul in you that you have to express it in beauty.

Earth Being (Island in Tasmania): There is no life eternal. There never has been. Life is life as long as it is lived. And it is only lived by those who can be all.

That can be even bent, or moved. Who can feel even the heartbeat of an ant. Who can feel not the glory of the greatest, but the glory of the smallest creature on this planet, that lives unseen, unknown, unheard. All is connection, always connection. There’s never death in connection. Always life, even though life is not eternal, but connection is.

Earth Oracle: How do you sustain your interconnectedness in a broken world? That’s when you really want to connect. If you don’t connect with the world, it doesn’t have any way to be healthy. You don’t ask it to be what it isn’t. You really look at the needs. You look and touch what it is, the way it is, accept and care about it, and see what you can give. Sometimes when something is broken, it doesn’t know what it needs. However, it must be accepted and brought into consciousness. Self-acceptance makes it possible to add new abilities to connect.

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