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Self Acceptance and Choices and Change

Chapter 5 Self Acceptance

The Teacher:

Finding self is a hard path, and it can be very tough going when you have to look outside to see where you have given up on the inside.

In all of your growth, accept the worst part, the best part, and adore what is in the middle. What is in the middle is the blending of the two. Caring for the blending gives you the strength to do more blending. In strength you need to blend the parts you don’t like to the parts you like to find out who you really are.

Please enjoy what is nasty about yourself. I am not talking about harming or blaming or shaming others. You would be very surprised when you accept the worst of self, how much less harm you do to yourself or others. Rather than blending it all together, you put part of yourself in isolation. Putting something away in a closet, hiding it, only allows it to get bigger and bigger. What will happen then? It will burst out and shatter walls, because it has been hemmed in too long. It always comes out sideways when you really don’t want it to and you have no ability to control it. Whatever is locked away, you have locked the choices away with it. If it is accepted, then you have choices around it.

If you have to face something that is quite dark in yourself or a painful event in your life, acceptance means you are also accepting the pain. You have to be strong enough to handle your pain as well as your happiness. You’re going to feel all of the emotions more. Your body speaks in emotions; the more consciousness your body has, the more emotions you will know.

Consciousness gives you back to yourself. It takes nothing away. Possibly, you don’t want to feel where you gave yourself away. Don’t you know that part that was put aside still carries whatever emotions you put aside with it? You will have to know and care about those emotions and care about that part of self as it comes back to you in present time.

When you are not in hiding or secretive, you can let other people care about you and be with you in the darkness and the light. That is the joy of the truth. That is the joy of the knowledge of self. Whatever emotions there are, you will feel them. You will hate, you will love, you will cry, you will feel everything. The more consciousness you have, the more deeply you will feel, and the more honest you’ll have to be with it, because it is yours.

Earth Oracle:

You cannot be saved from your emotions. You can let others be with you in your emotions, but no one can save you from your emotions. And the more honest you are with your emotions, the less you will take from everyone.

The Teacher:

Remember, the only person you will never escape is yourself. Finding self is the most difficult, most painful, most joyous thing you will ever do. You will not have wealth or glory, but you will have you. You will have the “I am.” The I is your soul; the Am is your body. From there, you can walk with self and make the choices you need. It is not an easy journey; it requires a great deal of strength and the ability to ask for help. To be weak, to be kind, to be caring, to be mean, to be cruel, to be who you are and be it honestly.

You will find the courage and strength with each step you take. It comes as you are doing the journey.

Chapter 6 Choices and Change

Changing in Hard Times

The Teacher:

The most difficult time to grow is when you are presented with a situation that appears impossible. Nature is saying to you, “You want to grow, but that requires strength to learn, because in learning you have to let go or blend the old with the new.” Your higher self and the Earth are saying to you, “This is your time, now, to make this change.”

In the hardest of times, to solve a problem, you will have to go deep inside of yourself to find a part that can actually function and let it develop and grow. That is how you touch and develop who you are. It requires you to pull from your strength to solve problems that you thought were unsolvable or very hard, and to find the strength to walk a path that you don’t know “where in the world” you are going.

In order to connect to self, you have to stay connected to a world you can’t control.

When you are making changes, remember what you are trying to change is still part of your energy, so you need to be bringing in a new way of doing something or a new idea. If you don’t, it creates a void and you can’t let it go.

Those who are more intellectual think about it and ponder it, then imagine it and try to make the change. For those people, it is more of a mental process than a physical one, and they may have more trouble letting go. Tactile learners (kinesthetic) make the changes more complete than those who are thinking about the changes. You have to involve your body in the changes.

Look at how your planet changes. It is very physical. Plants and animals are continually changing. Your deserts were once tropical rain forests, but the axis of the Earth changed. It doesn’t make it less because it is a desert, just different. The desert actually has a memory of what it once was.

You have bodies that are connected to the planet. And like the planet, they have to change. For those of you that have trouble changing, that would be the connection with your body.

When you are connecting to the planet and trying to help it heal, it knows how to change better than you do. It is wise to listen to the planet with your whole body, not just your ears.

How many of you bring the Earth into your bodies when you are making changes?

If you want to change your physical world, you have to have the planet be part of that. That would include your genetic entity* and human soul. For the change to be physical, both would have to be part of that change, otherwise you are intellectualizing the change.

Bodies communicate emotionally. How many of you listen to your emotions and feel them? That is how your body talks to you. How many of you shut down your emotions?

In those places where change is saying, “It has got to happen,” and you say, “No, I don’t want to harm anyone, or shake the boat, or I don’t want to face this now because it is hard or painful,” what are you taking away from yourself? Where have you given it away? Can you remember a time when you walked away from yourself? What did that feel like?

Feel the impact of your choices. If you don’t feel the impact of your choices, you’ll wonder one day, “Why didn’t I grow? Why didn’t I do more? What happened to my life?” When you don’t make the changes in your timing and you say, “I would like to do this change in a year or two or five,” what happens? You lose that part that can make the change.

When you are forced to change when you don’t want to, you often don’t include the soul level because you are in grief or a victim. In many ways, when you don’t make choices to change in a harmful situation, you actually stop your growth too.

If you see that you have done some harm, and it becomes all about your guilt and shame instead of saying, “Oops, I needed to make that change,” the guilt and shame stagnates you completely. I have seen countless people do that; it is interesting to see what they have lost.


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